Shipping Policy

We want everybody to be able to relive their adventures; therefore, we ship our poster worldwide.

At Tell Your Trail, our goal is to offer you the best shipping value, no matter where you live. We offer free shipping when you order 2 posters or more; otherwise, we will charge a $5 flat shipping fee.

The time frames for delivery depend on your location and consists of 2 parts:
1) As soon as you place your order, we will contact our printing partners. They will process your poster, including printing, packing and sending, which will take approximately 2-4 business days.
2) We have printing partners worldwide and aim to print our posters closest to your address. On average, shipping can take anywhere between 3-15 business days.

Below you can find more details around the delivery times (incl. steps 1 & 2) per region. Please note that these are estimates, and they can vary a few business days on each side.

USA: 3-8 Business Days
Europe: 3-15 Business Days
Oceania: 3-8 Business Days
Rest of the World: 5-20 Business Days

It is important to note that we have seen some delays due to COVID-19; therefore, it can, unfortunately, happen that the shipping time will be a bit longer at the moment.

Please refer to the tracking details you received, which provide you with an estimated arrival date. When you have not received your poster within two weeks (14-days) after the latest estimated arrival date, please reach out to us via We can then investigate where the poster is and work with you to get the poster to you. If the poster is deemed lost, we will send a new one your way as soon as possible or refund the poster if that has your preference. However, we cannot provide support, including resending or refunding, when you reach out later than three weeks (21-days) after the final estimated delivery date.

If you have not received your tracking details, please reach out to us as soon as possible via

We are sorry to hear that your parcel has been returned to us, this can be because of several reasons. As a first step, please confirm that the address which you have provided during your order is correct. If the address is indeed correct, we will then investigate what happened and where the poster is. As soon as we receive the poster back, we will resend it to you.

Alternatively, if the address was incorrect or you did not collect the parcel from your local post office in time, and we receive the poster back, we will be able to resend the poster to you. However, this will incur additional shipping fees.

Orders, Returns and exchanges

We are sorry to hear that the poster did not arrive in perfect condition. Please reach out to us via, no later than 14 days after delivery, so that we can rectify the issue. We can either process a refund or reship the poster if it is indeed deemed a warranty. When reaching out to us, please attach a detailed photo of the damage, a photo of the full poster and copy of the packing slip.

Relive Your Memories Guaranteed – As a small family business, customer service and satisfaction is our number one priority.

We stand by the quality of our products, and we back it up with our unconditional 100% 14* Day Money-back Guarantee. However, it is important to note that customized items are excluded from the Money-back Guarantee.

We are confident that you will love the products, but if you are not completely satisfied, simply return your order, and we will refund you the buy price – less the shipping fee. The return shipping fees are at your own expense, and our return address is in Perth, Australia.

Please contact us via to inform us about your return, as we will be able to provide you with the return address and keep an eye out for your parcel. We would also appreciate a comment or two about your reason for returning the products. It is important we are aware of the reason you may be unhappy, as customer satisfaction is essential to us, and we love to work with you to ensure you can relive your adventures without concerns.

When sending your poster back, please make sure that you display your order number, name and address either on the parcel or on a note inside, so we know the parcel is yours.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via

*Our guarantee period is for 14 days commencing from the day you receive your order.

Thank you so much for your order; we love having you as part of our community. Like you, we love being outdoors and are often traveling or on a trail; therefore, we have automated our ordering process as much as possible to ensure you can enjoy your product as soon as possible. This means that as soon as you place your order, it will be processed automatically. Unfortunately, this also means that we are unable to make any changes to your placed order.

If you would like a customization or have a special request, please reach out to us via before placing your order. For more information, please refer to the next FAQ.


At Tell Your Trail, we love to support you in designing the perfect poster with that personal touch to relive your adventures. Whether you would like to add the date to the design, change the color, add a logo or customize it as a gift, we can make it happen. With the customization, you can add details such as:
- The date of your hike
- A specific quote
- A name
- Add some extra points of interest
- Change some points of interest
- Change the color
And more!

As always, we want to be completely transparent with you; customizing the poster will bear an additional cost of $15 (USD). If you would like to order a customized poster, please reach out to us via Please don't place an order online; we cannot add any customization as soon as you order a 'regular' poster via our store.

To be able to start the process for your customization, it would be great if you could provide us with the following information:
- The trail poster you would like to customize
- The customization details
- Size and colour of your preference

As a next step, we will send you a custom invoice via email, and after receiving notification of payment, we will start working on your poster asap.

The customization includes two revisions; therefore, we will send you a draft of the design for your review. After you have agreed with the draft, the poster will be printed and sent on its way to you!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Absolutely! We would love to support you in creating a design for your specific trip. For a fully custom design, we are charging a minimum of $200, which will include the actual print and shipping. The final price will depend on the complexity of the route and the size of the poster.

Please reach out to us via for a custom quote for your specific trip. The information that we would require from your end is your route's details, e.g. the cities, the points of interest, and those points that hold a special memory for you.

Please also let us know which size and color poster you have in mind. The sizes we are offering are:

- 12"x16"
- 12"x18"
- 16"x20"
- 18"x24"
- 24"x36"

We offer 4 standard colors blue, grey, teal, and white, and are happy to customize the colors to your preference without additional costs.


Although we are currently living in Australia and have our Company registered there, we see ourselves as nomads and love to travel and live in different parts of the world. Therefore, to make it easier and more universal, all the prices on our website and those we send out in quotes are in USD.

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