Shipping policy

We want everybody to be able to relive their adventures; therefore, we ship our poster worldwide at a flat rate of $5. For orders over $50, we offer free shipping.

General Shipping time are as follows:

- United States = 2-5 days

- Europe, Australia & Canada = 3-8 days

- Rest of the World = 10+ days

It is important to note that we have seen some delays due to COVID-19; therefore, it can, unfortunately, happen that the shipping time will be a bit longer at the moment.

Returns and exchanges

As our posters are printed to order, we are unfortunately unable to accept returns. 

However, please send an email to with the details if there is a problem with your order. Customer satisfaction is essential for us, and we love to work with you to ensure you can relive your adventures without concerns.


We are certainly happy to support you in customizing the trail poster of your choice. For the customization, we charge an extra $9.99 on top of the regular sales price. 

With the customization, you can add details such as:

- The date of your hike 
- A specific quote 
- A name 
- Add some extra points of interest 
- Change some points of interest 
- Change the color 

Please reach out to us via contact@tellyourtrail with the trail you would like to have customized and the customization details. 

As a next step, we will send you an invoice via email for your custom order, and after receiving notification of payment, we will start working on your poster asap. 

The customization includes 2 revisions; therefore, we will send you a draft of the design for your review. After you have agreed with the draft, the poster will be printed and send on its way to you! 

We love receiving suggestions from our fellow outdoor lovers for trails that are not in our collection yet. Feel free to reach out to us and share the trail suggestion with us via

As a next step, we will do some research into the trail to check whether we would be able to make a beautiful design for our collection. Of course, we will let you know whether we will include the trail on our list of designs and provide you with a time indication of when the trail could be available. At this stage, due to the number of requests, we have a waiting time of about 3-4 weeks for new trails to become available. 

As honesty is one of our significant values, we will also let you know if we believe we can’t provide a design of good quality for your suggested trail.

Absolutely! We would love to support you in creating a design for your specific trip. For a fully custom design, we are charging a minimum of $125, which will include the actual print and shipping. The final price will depend on the complexity of the route and the size of the poster. 

Please reach out to us via for a custom quote for your specific trip. The information that we would require from your end is your route's details, e.g. the cities, the points of interest, and those points that hold a special memory for you.

Please also let us know which size and color poster you have in mind. The sizes we are offering are:

- 12"x16"
- 12"x18"
- 16"x20"
- 18"x24"
- 24"x36"

We offer 4 standard colors blue, grey, teal, and white, and are happy to customize the colors to your preference without additional costs.


Although we are currently living in Australia and have our Company registered there, we see ourselves as nomads and love to travel and live in different parts of the world. Therefore, to make it easier and more universal, all the prices on our website and those we send out in quotes are in USD.

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