Trail Talk | Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro with Donovan

Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, and on many bucket lists, including ours! Therefore, we were so honored when we met Donovan, and he agreed to spend some time with us, chatting about everything Mt. Kilimanjaro. During our conversation, we gained so many insights; it was just fantastic to hear how Donovan was first introduced to Mt. Kilimajaro and eventually ended up living on Mt. Kilimanjaro for a few years. He and his wife are still organizing some amazing hikes and tours on Mt. Kilimanjaro. There are a lot of challenging and rewarding routes up the mountain, like the Lemosho Route, the Machame Route, the Marangu Route, and a few more.

At this point, we will hand it over to Donovan - happy listening!



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