Catch-up | On The Trail With Constantine | Part 6 Of An 8000+ Mile Hiking Season | NCT Preparations

🥾 Join us for another inspiring catch-up with Constantine! And we have a special guest in this catch-up as Magpie has joined Constantine for their next adventure ☺️! We are so excited to finally have met Magpie and honored that she is willing to join in for the catch-ups as well.

In this chat, we talk about their preparation for the next big adventure, the North Country Trail. It is incredible to see how ready they are and how much they are looking forward to hitting the trail together 🥾. Besides that, it seems they are really complimenting each other and bring the best of both their worlds into the hike and preparations


🥾 Do you want to share a story of your experience on the trail as well? Please reach out to us via or comment down below.



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