Catch-up | On The Trail With Constantine & Magpie | Part 9 Of An 8000+ Mile Hiking Season | NCT

After more than a month, we are so excited that we have been able to catch up with Constantine & Magpie again. The last time we spoke, they were about to cross the border into Ohio, and well, we can only say that this last month has been challenging for them. Not only have they been fighting off dogs🐕, but they are also open about the mental challenges they faced. We are so grateful that they share their struggles with us because, let's be honest, hiking such a long trail (and life in general) doesn't always go about roses and sunshine. So please join us for this fantastic, honest, and also fun-filled catch-up! And as they say, the end is almost in sight, 2600 more miles to go🥾.



🥾 Do you want to share a story of your experience on the trail as well? Please reach out to us via or comment down below.



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