Catch-up | On The Trail With Constantine & Magpie | Part 7 Of An 8000+ Mile Hiking Season | NCT

🥾 Join us for another fun-filled catch-up with Constantine & Magpie! They are about 400 miles into the NCT, and it is amazing to hear their experience. You will certainly not be disappointed as they share some fun stories along the way, such as a snowstorm on the day they headed out. But they also give some excellent information about the trail, the sign-posting, the maps, and its coordinates.

And Constantine has set another challenge for himself, one pickled egg per mile walked.... For Magpie, this is a big NO-NO, but curious to see what you all think; if you are in favor of this challenge, raise your ✋..



🥾 Do you want to share a story of your experience on the trail as well? Please reach out to us via or comment down below.



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