Catch-up | On The Trail With Constantine & Magpie | Part 12 Of An 8000+ Mile Hiking Season | NCT

🎉 Congrats, Constantine & Magpie 🍾!!!
➡️ 4,833.4 Miles 🥾
➡️186 Days 🕑
➡️ 9 hours
➡️ 38 Minutes
➡️ 21 Seconds

The North Country Trail is a proper beast, and we can't express how much respect 🙌 we have for these two amazing hikers for finishing this beast and setting the Fastest Know Time (! Not only did we have the honor to follow them on their journey, but they have also taken the time out of their busy schedule to take us with them in their ups and downs, the good, the bad, and the ugly 🏕️.

We won't reveal any further details as Constantine & Magpie can tell you so much better themselves. So without further ado, we introduce our latest catch-up with Constantine & Magpie, covering their last months, weeks, and days on the trail and the first few off the trail! 


🥾 Do you want to share a story of your experience on the trail as well? Please reach out to us via or comment down below.



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