Catch-up | On The Trail With Constantine & Magpie | Part 10 Of An 8000+ Mile Hiking Season | NCT

🥾 It is time for a little celebration as Magpie & Constantine are now in Michigan and have passed the mid-point of the NCT🎉! What a fantastic achievement so far, ✅ 2300mi/4600mi done! It is great to see their enthusiasm for the trail and how they have enjoyed their hike since the last catch-up. Of course there is some serious fun and laughter again, so join us now ☺️. 



🥾 Do you want to share a story of your experience on the trail as well? Please reach out to us via or comment down below.



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  • Tell Your Trail

    Hi Tom,

    Thank you so much for reaching out, and apologies for the delayed response. Getting only audio online is certainly something we are looking into as the interviews are not requiring video necessarily. We are exploring podcast options and will certainly take into account the possibility of being able to listen offline! We will keep you posted once we are live with that service :).

    Happy Trails,
    Jay & Maud

  • Tom


    Love listening to these catch ups, but it is sometimes tricky to get them on my phone via YouTube. If I want to listen to them whilst out hiking for example, I may be out of cell service and can’t finish the download. I’ve no idea how technically difficult this would be, but would it be possible to launch the audio of these as a podcast that can be downloaded in full in advance?


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